Brief History of Master Communicators Welfare Association (MCWA)

The group, now known as the Master Communicators Welfare Association (MCWA) was planted as a seed by Sr. Prof. Agnes Lucy Lando on 14th March 2013 during COM 621X class. Sr. Prof. Lando is an associate Professor of communication and media studies and assistant head of communication department at Daystar University, in the School of Communication and Languages. Her greatest concern was that there are a number of MA Communication students dropping out of studies or missing out on end of semester exams because of their inability to pay fees.

Sr. Lando normally begins all her classes with prayers, and she asks those with prayer requests to put them forward. On this day, 14th March 2013, one of the prayer requests was for school fees. After prayers, Sr. Lando shared with the students that this is a perennial prayer request and the probelm is real and grave. She asked the class if praying for such increasing cases was the ultimate best they could do.

She proposed that since Daystar University was already overstreached in granting schoalrships to deserving students, and that scholarship for MA students is very limited, the class be their brothers and sisters keepers in the MA communication program by ensuring that no one drops out of the program because of fees. She proposed that MA Communication students start a fund to support their classmates struggling with paying fees.

The suggestion was very well received by the class and 27 students instantly registered to be members! Faith Musau, who was the COM 621X class representative, was requested to coordinate between the students and Sr.Dr. Lando about the project.  In the same class, students were asked to propose what posts to be filled by themsevles to help Faith and Sr. Dr. Lando steer the project. Thus the first committee was set up, chosen by the students themselves, and this is the structure;-

Sr. Prof. A. L. Lando, Ph.D ---Patronness ------- 0714 246 224 / 0733 995 679 –
Faith Musau                ---  Cordinator------------ 0722 258 208   (
Jahnstone Munyao      -------Deputy Cordinator------ 0720 264 509 (

Angela Taiyana---Treasurer         ------------- 0722 721 480 (
Doris Daisy----Secretary                     ---------------- 0732 605 084 (

Co-opted members
Elizabeth Nyaori ------0716009284     (
Henry Uzor -----0788 352 113 (
Jill Namatsi ----0738251995   (
Stella Mwangi -----0723917936 (

All the COM 621 students were supportive of this idea and majority signed up as a sign of solidarity and as the pioneer group that would help set the principles and standards of the group. Without delay the group was up and running under capable management and is now operating at a capacity in which the committee and the members support and are proud of.

Under the leadership of Faith and the guidance of Sr. Dr. Lando, the students developed the name of the group, Master Communicators Welfare Association (MCWA) and the motto;   LITTLE IS MUCH WHEN HUMANITY COOPERATES WITH GOD.