Word from the Patroness - Sr. Prof. A. L. Lando SMK

For me, the Master Communicators Welfare Association (MCWA) is a re-living of scriputres. Probably the Mustard Seed effect (Mark 4:31-32), or, the way in which the Church grew – out of 12 disciples, to 11 Apostles and then at Pentecost an instant increase of  3, 000 (Acts 2:41); followed by a steady rise which, in contemporary times, is more than 2 billion Christians, making Christianity the largest religion in the world today. In that same way, I trust God, this project will grow.

One may ask what  motivated me to begin this project. I was driven by the pain in me, as a teacher, to witness a number of well behaved, hardworking and competent MA Communication students constanly missing out on the end of semester exams, or dropping out of studies due to lack of school fees. I used to pray with and for them in class. But one day, in one week, this request was repeated in almost each of my classes. And at the end of the week, the same prayer request was made, but in a different and much more painful way. The student said:”I am tired of sitting speical exams! Please ask God to give me schoolfees so that this semester I can sit the exam with all of you.” We prayed, and class proceeded as normal. At the end of class, one student asked if  there was something we coud do together, in addition to praying. So the students held an impromptu “harambee” and raised Kenya Shillings Fifteen thousand (Kenya shillings fifteen thousand) out of Kenya shillings thirty thousand (KSHS 30, 000) that was required. Two students who did not have money at that moment promised to send him something via Mpesa. And after two days, the student in need rung me and said that he had received the difference of the money, paid the fee balance, and was happy to sit the exams with his classmates. The following week, I asked the same MA Communication students if we could come up with a practice like this, but that is more permanent, so that incase of need, we didn’t have to make impromptu contributions.

And that is how, on 14th March 2013 during COM 621X class, the project was born. I would like the association to annually observe 14th March 2013 as its foundation day. On this same day, 27 students instantly registered as members, and the first committee was also established. One thing we agreed on: This is a student initiative, it will be student-driven and student administered. Luckily, Daystar University supports it that way!

When we opened the account with Co-operative bank, we had no association money to deposit. After dismissing the three students who accompanied me to the bank (they are all signatories), I deposited SEED MONEY,  KSHS 1, 000, then I said a prayer, asking God to multiply this money by one million Kenya shillings, so that we may be able to train many professional and ethical communicators who fear His Name; and so that those trained may transform society by being tomorrow's ethical media owners, media practitioners, advertisers, producers, editors, managers .… And if this is realized, we shall have ethical and God-fearing Media owners and practitioners scattered across the globe, beyond Kenya and beyond the Continent... and what a wonderful thing it will be, that the entire world will have professional, ethical and God-fearing communicators. God smiled down at me! May the Will of God be done and realized through us.

Let us all thank God for thus far He has brought us. I'm also wondering how we have gotten here. But I know the answer, it's the Lord. This indeed is FAITH IN ACTION. God help us. God bless us. God bless this project. I call upon all people of good will to come forth and support us, with whatever you have, so that this project can achieve its purpose, for we believe, as demonstrated in Mark 6:34-44; Mark 8:1-9;  Matthew 14:13-21; Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:1-13;  LITTLE IS MUCH WHEN HUMANITY COOPERATES WITH GOD. This is our motto and we believe in it.